Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Pulmonaria rubra 'Redstart'

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One of Scot's favorite perennials is lungwort. There are several different varieties but we do not find them too often at garden centers. We have atleast 3 or 4 different lungworts in the garden. We brought this one home from Landmark Gardens last summer when we stopped there to look at Hostas. After we purchased a few Hostas, the owner generously gave this lungwort to us since we commented on it in his garden. The foilage (being plain green) of this lungwort is not as showy as some of the others growing in our garden. For example, Mrs. Moon has bright green leaves covered with bold white spots and always draws attention. Although the foilage of Pulmonaria rubra 'Redstart' is not the most spectacular of the lungworts, it is by far the first one to bloom with cheerful red flowers.

"Pulmonaria rubra, found in South East Europe, is a clump-forming, rhizomatous, evergreen perennial with elliptic, unspotted, bright green matt leaves up to 60cm (24in) long.

The flowers are tubular and 5 lobed, brick-red to salmon-red and borne over a long period from late winter to early spring.

'Redstart' has coral-red flowers and is often the first Pulmonaria to flower in midwinter."

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