Monday, March 07, 2005

Hosta So Sweet Posted by Hello

I have a new of Hosta to add to my Hosta collection. It was Free!! It is Hosta 'So Sweet'. It is suppose to have Glossy green leaves with white margins and fragrant lavender flowers. It is a new hosta to me,so I am excited to have it.
It is way to early to plant it outside; so I will have to keep it alive indoors by a sunny window and water it until planting time. Yesterday afternoon we attended the first hosta club meeting of the year. We joined this group last year and toured a few private hosta gardens late last summer. We wanted to join the group to learn more about hostas and to also meet other people who have an interest and knowledge about gardening. Lets just say the meeting was interesting. The group was very welcoming and very eager to share info and knowlege to new comers like us. They gave the " the young new members" the door prize Hosta!! Scot was sure we had crashed someones 100th birthday party. No Joke! The meeting was held at a local library in a conference room with a Happy Birthday banner on the door. Before entering the room, I asked the librarian where the Hosta club meeting was held. She directed us to the door with the birthday banner. The library had celebrated Dr. Suess's 100th birthday the day before and they had not removed the banner. I have to give Scot credit, nearly all hosta club members had to have been over 70. I don't mind the age difference at all- they enjoy sharing garden knowledge and experience and I enjoy learning.

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