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How to Make a Barbie Cake

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I was asked to make a bithday cake for a little girl who is having her 4th birthday . She told her mom she wanted a cake that had a barbie with a white dress, pink polka dots, and a blue top. Her mom gave me the barbie to use in the barbie cake. You can find the barbies for cakes at any craft or baking supply store or even use a clean real Barbie. This cake was really easy to make. The cake takes quite a while to bake since the bowl is deep. I made an extra one and dress-shaped cookies to match so that there would be enough cake for the birthday party. I had lots of left over frosting so I used it to frost the cookies and the extra cake. I used the Pampered Chef batter bowl to bake the cake in. I used one cake mix to bake each cake. The frosting that I used was a basic powdered sugar, butter, and milk recipe.

I found these VERY basic instructions on the internet.

Here's how to make a Barbie cake that will delight Barbie fans young and old alike!
Difficulty Level: Medium Time Required: 1 hour

1. Make a cake in a well-greased 2 quart round glass baking dish (the 2 quart Classic Batter Bowl from the Pampered Chef is perfect for this)
2. Your cake can be any flavor, just pick a flavor that with give you a color you would like for the "skirt" of the cake.
3. Let the Cake cool (very important) and remove from the bowl. Then, take a Barbie Doll (nude) and insert it in the middle of the cake up to her waist.
4. Now, you make Barbie's dress with frosting! The cake forms the skirt of the dress. Use frosting to decorate the skirt (pre-made or home made frosting; your choice.
5. Take the frosting up onto Barbie's torso to make the bodice of the dress. You can make any design with the frosting; sleeveless, dress with straps, etc.
6. Frosting dress can be simple, or very elaborate with frosting rosettes for a formal dress.
7. Chill cake and serve
Do NOT bake the cake with the Barbie in it!
Do not stick the Barbie in the cake until the cake is cooled, or the Barbie can melt!

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Elise said...

What a great idea! The girls should love it. And the Barbie dress cookies? Precious.

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