Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Koi with Names

Miss Frieda Freckles Posted by Hello

This is Miss Frieda Freckles, one of four Koi that we got from the Henry Doorly Zoo a few weeks ago. Quinn named her along with another Koi he named Blanch. Both Cade and Quinn have been busy naming all of the koi. It was a fun experience to be able to purchase fish from the zoo. I called the zoo this spring and found out that there was a list of (200) people waiting to purchase Koi, if the zoo employees were able to catch some and were willing to offer them for sale to the public. Well, some how I must have called at just the right time. At first, the zoo was not going to sell any koi this year. I was told to wait and call back June 1st just to get put on the list. I called back and some how I was able to schedule an appointment to come and pick out and purchase four fish.
Three other people arrived at the same time and we all got to drive inside the zoo and go into a building and take turns picking from a tank full of koi. Scot and I picked out the first 3 and Cade picked out the last one. Miss Frieda Freckles was first pick, Henry, a red koi with black spots was second, Blanch was third, and
Spiral Spot was Cade's pick. They joined our other larger Koi in the big pond. The other koi now have names as well. We have a Zebra, Super Mario Brother Mo, Super Mario Brother Jo, Creamsickle, Porkchop, Figaro, Flo, Moby Dick, two white koi names Tuna and Luna, and other names that I can't remember. We have also named three: Dorthy, Rhonda, Roxanne,- Koi that we are taking care of for our neighbors until they get their pond up and running so thats their names for now.

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