Monday, June 06, 2005

Fish Eating Dog Posted by Hello

Verdi now has aquired a taste for sushi. He is obsessed with trying to eat the fish. First, he enjoyed eating a little fish food when we fed the fish and would act jealous of the fish. He now snaps at them and runs toward the fish when they come to the surface of the pond to eat. This really started last weekend. We had a garage sale with Goldfish for sale. We caught one goldfish and placed it in a styrofoam box with a bubbler on our front step. Verdi managed to climb inside the waterfilled box and get the fish. Before I could rescue the goldfish from his mouth, Verdi ate all but the tail. That little dog was so proud of himself and has had extra attitude/Prey-drive all week. The kids were devastated to find Verdi chomping on one of their goldfish. Good thing Verdi ate a nameless fish.

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