Saturday, January 23, 2010

Organizing my Spice cubboard by "Shopping at Home"

This still is not perfect but better than it was. I know what spices that I am out of and now have everything where it can be found easier. I used containers that I already have and did not purchase anything new to organize the spices.

After pricing containers and shelves, I found that it could really add up to quite a bit of $$$- the cute little tins that are perfect for storing spices are about $3.00 each.

I decided to use mason jars or canning jars that I had that were just taking up space in my storage room. I cut out paper circles for under the lids and then used my label maker to add the name of the spice to the top of the lid. The jars are great for spices purchased in bulk and for being able to reach a measuring spoon inside when cooking.

I thought about painting the jar lids with chalk board paint and then writing the contents of the jar with chalk. - I may try this with some other pantry items.

I grouped everything in either alphabetical order or according to use such as baking, spicy, sweet...

Some container ideas could be loaf pans or shallow baskets.

I found that labeling the top of the lid made it easier to see the spice quickly in my deep cabinet.

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