Sunday, February 20, 2005

Winter Sowing

Wintersown Japanese Hops and Old Spice Sweet Pea Posted by Hello

For the last three years, I have been Winter Sowing most of my plants. What is Winter Sowing?? Read all about it Here
I plant seeds in the middle of winter (usually anytime from January through March) in plastic milk jugs that I cut open, fill 2 inches high with potting soil, water, and then sow seeds according to directions on seed packet. I duct tape the jugs shut and then place outside in the freezing weather and wait until they sprout. Yes it looks and sounds a little crazy, but I have fun playing in they dirt and dreaming of SPRING when it is still winter outside. I have had success with many different kinds of herbs, perennials, annuals, and even tomatoes. The hardest part is finding enough milk jugs or being brave enough to ask people if I can have their trash. I also have trouble deciding on which seeds to buy or justifying the purchase--Do I really need 37 parsley plants?? One of the best things about winter sowing is the abundance of plants that I get from one pack of seeds. So why did I buy 4 packs of Sweet Williams the other day? oh yeah, they were only .25 a pack. I love to be able to share plants with friends and neighbors in the spring. This really is Cheap entertainment. Since I am stuck inside on a rainy day with a terrible cold, I am going to order some seeds.

Last year, I had great luck with seeds I ordered from:
The Fragrant Path
P.O. Box 328
Fort Calhoun Nebraska

They have some hard-to-find and old-fashioned varieties.

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