Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Daffodils in 6 weeks?

Daffodils Posted by Hello

It was a beautiful day today! Sunny, the temp in the mid 40s, and the birds were singing. I spent the morning potting up daffodil bulbs with neighbors. I am hoping they will be ready to bloom indoors in about 6 weeks- just in time for spring. I have had the bulbs in a cold garage since fall and this time should count towards the total weeks of cold that daffodils need to bloom. The bulbs need a minimum of 13 weeks of cold temperatures before they can be forced or ready to bloom. We filled terra cotta pots with enough potting soil so that the nose of the bulbs would be nearly even with the top of the pot. We placed atleast 5 bulbs in each pot, more or less depending on the size of the pot, and then covered the bulbs with a little more soil. The potted bulbs need to be watered and kept moist and stored in a cool place until roots develop and shoots emerge from the bulbs. After green shoots emerge, the potted daffodils can be moved into the house where they should BLOOM.
I am anxiously awaiting beautiful yellow flowers for SPRING!

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