Friday, August 05, 2005


I have posted some garden info (that I found on various sites) for my own benefit to maybe inspire me to get off my butt and get some work done outside.

Down-To-Earth Garden Tips!

Discontinue pinching mums by July 4.

Continue to fertilize every two weeks using water-soluble fertilizer.

Remove spent blooms and yellowed leaves. Give prolific bloomers such as cosmos and coreopsis a light shearing. Remove daylily bloom stalks as soon as flowers fade.

Use Fung-Onil or Immunox on powdery mildew.

If deep rooted tree seedlings refuse to budge from perennial beds, cut each "weed tree" to within a few inches above ground. Treat the stump with brush killer.

Dislodge aphids and spider mites with strong spray of water from garden hose.
Shear catmint by half after their blooms fade.

Add fresh mulch to rose beds to help control blackspot fungus disease.

Late August - divide iris, peonies, fall bulbs.

Control insects on roses, flowers, and vegetables as needed.

Watch for grub damage in lawn.

Continue to plant shrubs, vines, perennials, and container and balled/burlapped trees.

The Three-Million Dollar Question: Which Plants Resent Dividing?

There are a few perennials that resent dividing. Dividing them can result in a serious setback as they re-establish. For example, they might not survive the division due to long taproots that are broken off in the process, or they are actually small shrubs. Here is a list of those that divide poorly, should only be divided by those who are experienced, only under exceptional circumstances, or should not be divided at all:

Peonies Aconitum Lupines
Oriental Poppies Baptista Gysophila
Lavender Dictamnus Russian Sage
Bleeding Hearts Bugbane Balloon Flower
Asclepias Flax Gentian
Evening Primrose Santolina Candytuft
Columbine Hellebores Euphorbia

~A Baker's Dozen Of Common Perennials: When To Divide, How Often, & Other Comments~
Plant Name When To Divide Additional Comments
Astilbe Early Spring or Fall: Every 2-3 Years Plant Outside Growth, Discard Center
Aster Spring: Every 2-3 Years Plant Outside Growth, Discard Center
Blanket Flower Spring: Every 2 Years Divide Clump Into Smaller Plants
Beebalm (Monarda) Spring or Fall: Every 2-3 Years Divide Clump Into Smaller Plants
Bearded (German) Iris July to Late Aug: Every 3-4 Years Discard Center Woody Rhizome
Black Eyed Susans Spring: Every 3-4 Years Divide Clump Into Smaller Plants
Chrysanthemums Early Spring: Every 1-2 Years Plant Outside Growth, Discard Center
Coreopsis Spring or Fall: Every 1-2 Years Plant Outside Growth, Discad Center
Daylilies Anytime, mainly after bloom: 2-3 Years Fleshy Root (Tuber) Segments
Hostas Spring or Fall: Divide Infrequently Take Divisions With 3 to 4 Eyes
Creeping Phlox Spring: After Bloom, Anytime Divide Clump Into Smaller Plants
Tall Garden Phlox Spring, Or Fall After Bloom: 3-4 Years Divide Clump Into Smaller Plants
Ornamental Grasses Spring Only: Every 3-4 Years Use Saw to Cut Through Clumps

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BFS said...

Thanks for the tips! Can you tell me how to grow poppies in NC? I have some effulgent celandine poppies, but even they do not multiply as well as I would like.

How about some mecinopsis or California poppies? Can you help? BFS

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