Saturday, June 05, 2010

Quinn's New Fish

We have many gold fish and Koi in our ponds. Most of them are several years old some 7 years of more. Quinn was not very old when we used to bring fish home from the pet store or when we started with baby koi from a someone's backyard pond. We lost a few of our oldest fish this winter but still have it overly stocked. we gave in and let Quinn pick out a couple colorful Goldfish. We were looking for Shubunkin but came home with Ryukin goldfish both have colorful markings. He was all smiles with his new pets. These guys are so tiny compared to the other fish in the pond- I thought they may be lunch. After a week in their new Home, They are still swimming around. Quinn checks on them daily.

The Ryukin is an omnivourus goldfish species.It is very docile and is often fed vegetable/growth/coulor/protein mixtures.Ryukins can grow to be up to 6 inches long, and 1 1/2 inches deep!The Ryukin loves to explore, so you should have a few plants(plastic or real) in your tank.Ryukins can live up to be 15 years old!It's colors are calico, red and white, white, and orange.Ryukins have a short, round body, and a high humped back

The Shubukin is an omnivourus goldfish species.It is very docile and is often fed vegetable/color mixtures.The Shubukin can grow up to be 25 inches long!The Shubukin is called "scaleless", beacause it looks like it has no scales.The Shubukin can live up to be 35 years old!It's only color is calico.The Shubukin looks exactly like the Common Goldfish, just it is calico, and "scaleless".

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