Monday, June 21, 2010

Free Daylilies

We had a fun adventure yesterday. We dug a pickup load full of different varieties of daylily. Some had the names next to them and others will be a surprise. Most are not in bloom yet so we will have to wait to see what they look like. It was very muddy digging and we had to carry what we dug up a long trail- the hill had a pretty good incline. We got a great workout!! Lots of work but it was FREE and it was Fun. I think I got enough to plant on a grass slope that I am trying to cover with plants so that there is no more mowing in that area of the garden.

Here are a few of them:

LEPRECHAUN'S WEALTH (Hudson) 15", S.Ev., E.M., 2 1/2"

Small, round blooms of solid apricot-orange with lightly ruffled edges, creped texture and olive-green throat. Reblooms.


Nice pale-yellow daylily that blooms early in the season and continues to rebloom until frost. Fragrant extended bloomer.

An outstanding selection bred by Dr. Darrel Apps, one of only a small handful of truly everblooming Daylilies available to gardeners in northern regions. This lovely variety has large (4 inch) soft lemon-yellow blooms with ruffled edges and a green throat. Flowering continues constantly from May to frost. Diploid. Winter dormant. Spent flower stems can be trimmed back after all the buds have finished. Remove old foliage in late fall. Plants do not usually require dividing for several years, but are easily split apart in fall or early spring. Flowers are edible. May well prove to be hardy in Zone 2.

(Grovatt 1974) 46 inches-ML-D-DIP-8 inches; large golden orange spider (Color: Orange)

(Lenington 1976) 22 inches-EM-SE-DIP-3.5 inches; canary yellow self (Color: yellow)

Tompkins 1997
DOR, 36", 6", M, RE, TET
A large hot pink with reddish halo. Ruffled and picoteed. Showy.

Six-inch blooms are yellow, with ruffled petals and a corduroy texture. They rebloom in late summer.

a very fragrant, small cranberry-wine, almost red flower, with a yellow throat, and a flower size of 3”. With dark green foliage, this daylily will reach a height of 18” and a plant spread of 23-29”. ‘Pardon Me’ will bloom from May through July, with outstanding color and a definite rebloomer. ‘Pardon Me’ prefers a full sun area that is well-drained. ‘Pardon Me’ is considered to be pest and deer resistant. Use for cut flowers, massing, edging, borders or in mixed containers and tubs.


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