Sunday, December 13, 2009

Making: 100 Cookies for the Soup Kitchen

we participated in the "Drop in and Decorate" Project where groups were to get together and decorate cookies for a soup kitchen or a senior center. It was planned for our 4-H group of about 60 kids to do as a project at this month's meeting. Unfortunately, due to our winter weather and snow days, the meeting was canceled. So the boys and I went ahead and spent some time baking and decorating the cookies that were served today at a local soup kitchen. The boys enjoyed decorating the snowmen with food markers. We plan on taking Quinn's cub scout group down to that soup kitchen to help serve a meal sometime this winter. I think it will be a great service project.


Lydia said...

Your cookies are beautiful, and I love that the weather didn't get you down! Congratulations on your first Drop In & Decorate!

Steph said...

Thank You we had a great time

Ted Chaloner said...

The scarves on the snow men are my favorite - Thanks for joining in the Drop In & Decorate fun.

Anonymous said...

I came here from the Drop In & Decorate site. What a wonderful job you and your family did with the cookies. I know your fruits of love and labor made many people smile.

Happy Days! Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful project! Although we didn't really do a Drop in and Decorate, we created fruit baskets and cookie plates for our older church members . . . and we were delayed by two different snowstorms here in Eastern NE! So I have replaced cookies and fruit twice!! But its all a labor of love for our folks as I know yours was as well! Another great recipient might be the Louisville Care Center - we an adopted grandma and grandpa there often and I am certain the residents would love it! Good idea for my family as well!

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