Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Photo Tips

*ALWAYS have your camera strap around your arm

*Get close, but not too close for your camera

*Only use photos that are sharp and in focus

*Have a simple background and foreground

*Don't center your subject-have off center.

*Rule of 1/3rds- keep subject 1/3 from an edge

*Don't let horizon cut your photo in 1/2.

*The viewer's eye should go to and stay on subject.

*Take both verticals and horizontals.

*Have animals only, no people, in animal photos.

*Have people only, no animals, in people photos.

*Lock your elbows against your body to hold still.

*Take both color and black and white.

*Crop (cut) your photos to improve the.

*Don't have things merging off the edge of the photo.

*Leading line leads your eye into and across photo.

*patterns are the same thing repeated.

*Texture photos show the textures.

*Formal portraits should show both eyes of subject.

*Show two sides and a corner of a building.
These Tips are from 4-H.

Photo Tips from Kodak:

1. Look your subject in the eye
2. Use a plain background
3. Use flash outdoors
4. Move in close
5. Move it from the middle
6. Lock the focus
7. Know your flash's range
8. Watch the light
9. Take some vertical pictures
10. Be a picture director

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