Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Growing: Zinnia Envy

I was excited to try this unusual type of Zinnia this summer. I stared the seed early this spring. Zinnia 'Envy' is just starting to bloom in my garden while the other types have been blooming strong for a while now. The Zinnia Envy, 'Zinnia elegans', is unusual as it adds a chartreuse color to the garden. Seeds were a bit more expensive for this variety than the other Zinnia varieties. The seed packet claims 'Envy' to have a long blooming season, displaying large 3 to 4 inch flowers Tthat will continue to bloom from early summer through fall until first frost.
So far the Flowers that have bloomed have been smaller than that, hopefully as they continue to bloom they will only get better looking- making all the other Zinnia varieties growing next to them Green with Envy.

Here is a great post about Zinnia Green Envy from Mr Brown Thumb.

Mr Brown Thumb: Zinnia Green Envy

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Anonymous said...

I've grown similar zinnias that are different colors. They do bloom a little later than expected, but I found that the flowers got bigger over time and it seemed like new petals were being added. I had one that looked pretty small in the beginning grow to 4.5 inches across.

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