Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Seed List

January is the month to DREAM about spring and think about gardening. I get my seed order in about this time each year. It takes me so long to decide what to get. Well, I worked on it some the past few days and am ready to mail it. The list is way too big! I am going to try specific varieties of Zinnias this year instead of the mixed; The boys really enjoyed them last summer. I let the boys pick these and they also like to spend time stalking the butterflies that Zinnias attract. Here is what I will be planting and (with luck) GROWING this year. -- Common Names only-- I may venture outside and collect a few Morning Glory seeds still left hanging on the arbor. --

Giant Hyacinthbean
Moon Flower
Scarlet O Hara MorningGlory
Angel's Trumpet
Common Stock
Red Phlox
Golden Columbine
American Columbine
Woodside Gold Columbine
Gas Plant
Salvia Transylvania
Blue Wild Indigo
Common Shooting Star
Cerulean Pimpernel
Scarlet Gleam Nasturtium
Scarlet Pentapetes
Nicotiana Purfume Deep Purple
Hardy Annual Impatiens
Hybrid Hibiscus
Scarlet Zinnia
CherryQueen Zinnia
Envy Zinnia
Youth and Old Age Zinnia
Benary's Giant Coral Zinnia
Benary's Giant Red zinnia
Enchantess Zinnia
Golden Giant Amaranthus
Cosmos Dazzler
Tassel Flower
Red Globe Amaranth
Castor Bean -Carmencita
Hello Yellow candy lily
Leaf celery
Cinnamon Basil
Mrs. Burns Lemon Basil
Sweet Genovese Basil
Holy Basil
Variegated Tomato
Brandywine Tomato
Black Krim Tomato
Swiss Chard
moss rose
old fashioed petunia
foxy foxglove
four o clocks
Hibiscus Sabdariffa
Cosmos Sulfereous
Maltese Cross

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