Tuesday, April 05, 2005

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We have been having wonderful warm weather the last few days. This evening was beautiful and I spent it watching the fish. The fish in all three ponds were very active and trying to feed on insects at the top of the water. The goldfish stay fairly active all winter compared to the Koi, who sink and basically hibernate until the water in the pond warms up a bit. It is great to see that the fish wintered well; all the Koi were accounted for and there are too many goldfish to keep track of. The larger goldfish that the kids have named are all there and doing great. Quinn and I fed the fish a little winter/spring low protein food this evening. It is a little early to feed the fish; but is is hard to resist when we see them so active and looking for food. We can really see them up close and see how much they have grown since fall when they come up to the surface to feed. We usually wait until the middle of April or even May to feed them. I am surpised by how tame the fish are this early in the season.

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Jefferson Davis Bedford said...

I judge chinese buffetts(sp) by how healthy their fish tank looks.

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