Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Replanting after the storm damage

Planting Several Tomato varieties in the Heat of July.  The June storm smashed all my plantings of herbs and also took down several large trees above my studio patio.  This leaves lots of clean up and more sunshine.  After cleaning up most of the branches and some of the trees,  I wanted to get something planted before summer was over.  A garden friend had some extra tomato seedlings struggling and in need of planting.  I potted them up in new soil and compost but plan to plant them in the next few days above my studio patio.  I am excited to try some of these varieties:

Gardener's Delight~ This old German heirloom cherry tomato boasts many clusters of 6 to 12 tomatoes all summer long. It's indeterminate, crack resistant and very prolific. Proven tops for performance, flavor and wide adaptability.

Tommy Toe~ A larger size than most Cherry tomatoes, contain lots of Juice/gel, and have a old-time tomato flavor. They are acidic and slightly sweet. The plants are super productive and very vigorous growers.

Sweet 100~bears long, branched clusters of deliciously sweet tomatoes high in sugar and vitamin C. But Super Sweet 100 is known to be more disease resistant, giving plants in a better chance where certain problems may be soil-borne. You’ll be eating them right off the vine before they ever make it to the salad bowl! They are perfect for snacking, salads, and even juice. Super Sweet 100 lives up to its name, especially when harvested that the peak of ripeness. The indeterminate vines continue bearing until frost. Give them a tall support because they grow and grow over the top of the cage and back down again. Resistant to disease.

Glory~A semi-indeterminate that grows at least twenty tomatoes with continuous production. Tomatoes are in the 8-10oz. range and very sweet and juicy. Taste even better when picked ripe and allowed to stand a day .Becomes even juicer. Fruit stores well and is a firm slicer with few seeds. Seems to be very high in disease resistence. Supposedly is a cross of two heirlooms. 

HawaiianThai Red Turtle Egg~ 

Yellow Pear~ Heirloom. Long, indeterminate vines produce a seemingly endless supply of mild flavored, pear-shaped tomatoes all summer. The tiny tomatoes are borne in clusters. This is one of the prettiest tomatoes in the garden — it’s beautiful in salads! This variety is known to bear fruit dependably through summer weather. Vines can grow 8 feet or longer, so give them a tall support or place to ramble.

Red Pear~A bright red, pear-shaped heirloom with an American pedigree that goes back to Colonial times. Attractive and tasty, the 1-2" long fruits are delicious in salads or roasted in the oven. Indeterminate.

Stupice~ A great potato leaf variety that comes from Czechoslovakia. One of the best early tomatoes, this is among the earliest. Perfect for gardeners in northern climes. Excellent flavor for an early type; these produce lots of red, small to medium sized fruit over a very long season. Highly popular in areas with short summers.

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