Friday, February 07, 2014

Milk Painting Canning Jars

I Love Painting the Simple But oh So useful Mason Jar... Great for Gift Giving filled with Flowers or Treats.

I painted these jars with Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint... I wanted a Charming Pink Color.
I mixed equal parts Ironstone and Tricycle and added a little bit of Shutter Gray  until the color was Just Right:  I am calling it So Sweet Pink..

I like to paint Jars to use up the left over paint from bigger projects.  I hate to waste the paint so these are perfect for that..

Now, How to get that Milk Paint to Stick to a Glass Mason Jar?

I first Spray paint the outside of the Jar. I use the cheapest white flat spray paint usually the $1 a can white Spray paint. Lightly Spray the outside of the glass jar a fine even coat.  Then let dry.  Sand lightly.

Next, Mix up your milk paint.. Add equal parts bonding agent. now paint your jar.   I Let the paint dry overnight.  The Milk Paint will just completely flake off the glass jar with with out the added bonding agent.

Now the Fun Part- Distress the jar lightly with fine sand paper to remove a little paint here and there .
I then Highlight the jar details with a Walnut Distressed ink pad.

To make the Jar's finish more durable. Spray lightly with a Clear Coat Shellac..

I embellished with bits and Pieces of Vintage Lace, Cute little tags,  and my homemade Cinnamon Hearts that I also painted with Milk Paint..
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