Saturday, April 03, 2010

Decorating Easter Eggs- Confetti Eggs

We decorated our Easter Eggs different this year. We made Confetti Eggs.

Cascarones or confetti eggs are festive, hollow egg shells, filled with confetti. The word cascaron comes from the Spanish word "cascara," meaning egg shell. The colorful egg is crushed in the hand over the recipient's head showering him or her with confetti. This tradition is most often carried out among friends and family. Cascarones derive from Mexico. They are used in many different occasions but mostly at Easter.

First Remove the inside of the egg by tapping a butter knife on the small end of the egg and then peel off about a nickel sized hole in the egg and dump everything out. Next, clean the egg well with hot soapy water and dry and let dry overnight in an empty egg carton.

To decorate. I used a mixture of metallic paints- acrylic and spray paint. I sprayed all the eggs at once. After the paint dried, I added details like flowers and other designs with glitter paint pens and " Stickles".

Once the paint was dry, I added about a 2 teaspoons of confetti to the inside of the egg and then sealed the egg shut by gluing a 2 inch square of tissue paper to the egg.

These were so fun to make and turned out almost too beautiful to break. The boys are very anxious to smash them.

Thanks Joan for the inspiration and sharing the great art of making Confetti eggs. I think that it will be a new tradition for our family.

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Anonymous said...

I am sooo... happy someone else shares my passion for making confetti eggs.
Wonderful job, again.....

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