Monday, May 26, 2008

Plant Sale Plants

SAGE Salvia officinalis
THYME Thymus vulgaris
Giant Purple Hyacinthbean
Yellow Datura Horn of Plenty
Purple Datura Horn of Plenty
Ipomoea hederacea IVY-LEAF MORNING-GLORY
Ipomoea nil HATSU ARASHI Ipomoea purpurea BLACK MORNING-GLORY
Tropaeolum majus MAHOGANY GLEAM
Cheiranthus cheiri WALLFLOWER FAIR LADY

Consolida ambigua DEEP BLUE LARKSPUR
Coreopsis tinctoria PLAINS COREOPSIS
Dianthus caryophyllus ‘EARLY DWARF VIENNA’
Nicotiana alata ‘LIME GREEN’
Nicotiana suaveolens SWEET-SCENTED TOBACCO
Petunia x hybrida GARDEN PETUNIA
Scabiosa atropurpurea SWEET SCABIOUS
Tropaeolum majus ALASKA NASTURTIUM
Salvia scabiosifolia SCABIOUS LEAVED SAGE
Tanacetum niveum SNOW TANSY
Campanula medium CANTERBURY BELLS
Campanula americana TALL BELLFLOWER
Lupinus polyphyllus BRICK RED RUSSELL LUPINS
Abelmoschus manihot SUNSET HIBISCUS
Abelmoschus sp. SILK FLOWER
Corydalis sempervirens ROCK HARLEQUIN
Convolvulus tricolor ROYAL ENSIGN
Cosmos bipinnatus COSMOS DAZZLER
Dimorphotheca sinuata WINTER CAPE MARIGOLD
Impatiens glandulifera HARDY ANNUAL IMPATIENS
Alcea rosea nana DWARF HOLLYHOCK
Petunia hybrida TALL WHITE PETUNIA
Swiss Chard: Rhubarb
Glacier Tomato
Sioux Tomato

Pineapple Tomato

Benary's Giant Red Zinnia
Canary Bird Zinnia
Royal Purple Zinnia
Daffodil zinnia
zinnia mix
double parsley
italian flat leaf parsley
orange king zinnia
sweet genovese basil
Marigold- Crackerjack mixed, Petite Yellow, Petite Orange, French dwarf double
Bachelor Buttons- cyannus double mixed, polka dot mixed,
Gypsophilia covent garden
Tall sweet alyssum
calendula pacific beauty
cosmos dwarf sunny red
tall double helichrysum
African Daisy
California poppy Mission Bells
Oriental red poppy
Sweet williams
Shasta Daisy 'Alaska'
Canterbury Bells Campanula
Coreopsis 'Early Sunrise'
Cucumber -slicer longfellow
summer savory
Jack-o-lantern pumpkins
strawberry plants
Jalapeno peppers heaven hybrid
Giant Noble Spinach
Serrano Chili peppers
Grand Rapids Lettuce
Moss Curled Parsley
Garden Balsam
Red Canna tall
Orange Canna tall
Cleopatra Canna
Crimson Beauty Canna

Good Morning!

Monday, May 19, 2008

First Day of Summer Break: Schools out for the Summer

A day full of Frog Catching and making frog homes, fighting, making kool-aid, riding bike, playing video games, downloading music, fighting, creating combines out of legos, fighting, saying "I'm Bored", watching SpongeBob, saying "i'm Bored Some more, fighting, exploring the woods, fighting......It will be a long summer

Friday, May 16, 2008


Quinn collected these giant pods filled with seeds at the garden that I volunteered at last week. We are going to try to start them for that garden and some for our yard. We soaked the seeds over night and nicked them with sand paper. He is excited to see what these seeds will become.

Ipomoea alba, otherwise known as Moonflowers are so called because they bloom in the evening. They have large 4 to 6 inch fragrant, white or pink flowers on twining vines. The flowers open quickly in the evening and last through the night, remaining open until touched by the morning Sun.

Moonflowers grow to a height of about 15 feet. The leaves are rather large which allows the plant to be used as an annual in a northern garden. Propagation is usually by seed. The seed should be nicked with a file and then soaked overnight before planting. Moonflowers should be planted when the Moon is new or increasing in light!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

My New Garden Pal

I had to take a picture of this gal- so everyone would believe me. I don't know where she came from. she followed me around all afternoon while I was working outside. I fed her a little fish food. I couldn't believe how tame she was.

Busy Potting Plants up For a Plant Sale

Picture perfect Hostas

Beautiful Spring Flowers

Blooming Iris

I was given these Iris bulbs that August and I mass planted them in an empty raised bed. I had no Idea what kind they were - short or tall or what color. It has been fun to see the different varieties blooming.

Dumpster Diving Finds: old Barn Doors

Well, I had noticed the little wooden gate on the curb next to some trash bags - just sitting there for a couple of days everytime I drove by. I thought I could use it along a path in the garden somewhere. I finally got brave enough to stop and ask if I could have it. It was Mother's Day so Scot HAD to help me go and get it. - yes,he thinks I am crazy- but he just lives with it and goes along with my ideas. The Owner even helped us load the gate and several others he had into the truck. I think he felt sorry for me since it was Mother's day so he found more junk for me- 4 large cedar planter boxes. Now, I have to find something cool to do with this free junk. Quinn just said "It is kind of looking Antiquey around here" - nice way to put like a junk yard.

Navy Graduation Cake

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