Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dumpster Diving Finds: old Barn Doors

Well, I had noticed the little wooden gate on the curb next to some trash bags - just sitting there for a couple of days everytime I drove by. I thought I could use it along a path in the garden somewhere. I finally got brave enough to stop and ask if I could have it. It was Mother's Day so Scot HAD to help me go and get it. - yes,he thinks I am crazy- but he just lives with it and goes along with my ideas. The Owner even helped us load the gate and several others he had into the truck. I think he felt sorry for me since it was Mother's day so he found more junk for me- 4 large cedar planter boxes. Now, I have to find something cool to do with this free junk. Quinn just said "It is kind of looking Antiquey around here" - nice way to put like a junk yard.

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