Thursday, April 17, 2008

Can You believe He is 10 ?

Cade had his 10th Birthday on the 10th last week - His Golden Birthday! We had a lot of things going on so he didn't get to celebrate it in the way he probably wanted to- with a real party with his friends. I think he had a great day any way. Mom came down to visit and we went out to dinner. The resturant that we ate in had a magician working that night. He gave special attention to our table when he found out that Cade had a bithday. After making things out of balloons for both boys and showing us several magic tricks, Scot arranged for him to give him his birthday present through a magic trick. He had been wanting and waiting for an Ipod since before Christmas. He was very excited when the magician made one appear for him on his birthday. I am sad that I didn't bring my camera.

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