Thursday, February 21, 2008

Making: Seed Starting Mix

I found this recipe for Seed-Starting Mix on the You Grow Girl website. I might try this to start some seeds if I can easily find everything for a good price.

"These are the ratios I prefer. If you don’t need a huge batch you can use this as a basis for choosing a store-bought seed-starting mix. Always read the label and look for an ingredients list. Most popular brands have chemical fertilizers added that are unnecessary and will defeat the purpose of growing organically.

To be clear, seeds do not require any fertilizers until they produce their first set of “true leaves”. In basic terms this means the second set of leaves you will see. The first leaves that appear are called “seed leaves” and feed the seedling until the first “true leaves” appear."

* 1 part peat or coir (Coir is a sustainable peat substitute made from coconut husks. Peat is mined from marshland, destroying natural habitats. When you can, use coir.)
* 1 part perlite (popped volcanic ash that creates good drainage.)
* 1 part vermiculite (water absorbing material made from the mineral mica)

1 comment:

jane said...

Thanks for the recipe of seed starting mix. (I'm pretty new at this phase of gardening.) The cut-off milk jugs look like a simple, superb idea!

Jane in Denver

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