Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Wee Wonderful Bunnies Posted by Picasa

We had another snow day yesterday and was I was trying to keep the boys (and myself) entertained. Cade is always wanting to use the sewing machine. So I found this simple project on the internet. It looked easy enough. When we got started it was too small for him to sew. The boys ended up picking out the fabric they wanted for their bunnies and they were able to stuff them with the filling. Other than that I basically made these. Not the best craftsmanship/sewing job, but the boys liked their bunnies. I used scraps of fabric scraps and pieces for felt. I embellished the bunnies with vintage buttons for eyes, ribbons tied on their necks, and cotton balls tied on the back for tails. The white bunny with orange print fabric was made following the pattern exactly and the other three were made by using just one piece of print fabric for the back. I am sure things like this will not interest them for long. I should be thankful for that.

I used the WEE BUNNY PATTERN to make these bunnies.
Check out a wee bunny pattern to download for free!

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