Monday, May 16, 2005

One Big Fish

Releasing Moby Dick Posted by Hello

We have have had a weekend full of fishing- Koi fishing that is. Scot and I checked out a place that I heard had good prices on Koi and also carried lots of pond stuff. We went to the store at closing time on our way to my sister's house for dinner-- no way we would purchase anything, right? - just stopping to see what they had. Well, Scot spotted this huge White Koi in a tank filled with small Koi( the size normally for sale at fish stores) with a sign that read Special XLG Koi for Sale. This big white Koi was huge, like the kind at the zoo. You never see fish this size for sale. We asked the sales guy a few questions and before I knew it Scot told the guy we would take the fish. They held the fish for us over night with a sign that read Moby Dick is Sold. This seven year old fish had previously lived at an elemetary school and had out grown his pond. He was donated to the store. I don't think that he would not have made it long in the small holding tank they were keeping him in. The guys at the store were glad he was sold and going to a home with a large pond. Moby Dick made it home safe and has adjusted quite well. He made our other Koi- the one that we say live in the large Koi pond- look very small. He is very tame and when Cade sticks his hands in the pond, Moby Dick lets him pet him. He won't do it for Scot. I have heard that Koi can get really tame. Since he came from an Elementary School, I think he is used to children.
And then after all this excitement, on Sunday we helped a neighbor catch 3 koi from her pond that we moved over to ours. Her pond has a major leak and is scheduled to have someone come in and do a lot of work to it. We placed her Koi in a smaller pond that we usually fill with water lilies. We thought that it would be easier to catch them when it came time to give her fish back to her and to keep them seperate from our fish. ( Catching fish can be quite a job sometimes) Well, we had to catch them again this evening and put them in the larger ponds with our fish. They were making a mess of the whole stream by stirring up the water lilies and junk on the bottom of the pond. They seemed very happy to be in the larger pond.

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