8 pound brisket  . Splash with 1 tsp per side with liquid smoke

Rub with:
 * 3 Tablespoons of chile powder
 * 1 tablespoon of chipolte chile powder (I used 4 T. of regular chile powder since I did not have this. )
 *2 tablespoons of salt  ( I would cut this down a bit)
 *2 Tablespoons of garlic powder
 *2 Tablespoons of onion powder
 *2 Tablespoons of black pepper
 *4 teaspoons of dry mustard
 *2 bay leaves- crushed

Place in roasting pan- fat side up . Cook uncovered for 1 hour at 350

Add 2 cups of beef stock in bottom of pan. Cover pan- AIRTIGHT, decrease oven to 300 and roast for 4 more hours.

Let cool awhile. Slice thinly against the grain. Let cool in refrigerator with juices overnight and then skim off the fat.

Roasting in the oven as stated worked perfect- cooking in a crockpot all day was not as good, but using a crockpot to reheat the brisket is great.